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More Than An Urn: Unusual Ways to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

memorial jewelry

Keepsake Pendant Keeps Your Loved One with You

With cremation a rising trend in the U.S., people are exploring alternatives to traditional urns.

Memorial Jewelry

You can keep your loved ones with you by placing a “keepsake” portion of cremated remains inside jewelry like pendants, bracelets, key chains and money clips.  Cremated remains can even be made into diamonds.

Useful decorations made by suspending cremated remains along with your favorite color schemes within solid glass globes will keep your desk tidy and provide a lovely memorial. You can see examples here.

Remember Them with a Painting

Perhaps your loved one was an art lover?  You can commission a contemporary painting from artists like those at Art in Ashes or you choose a portrait.

Of course, if you do want an urn, there are urns of all types—glass, bronze, ceramic and various types of wood are just some of the materials you can choose.

These different ways of memorializing allow members of the family to express themselves by choosing an option that means the most to them.   Some families have chosen a piece of commemorative jewelry for each family member while they arranged to scatter the rest, or bury or save them in an urn.

Have you chosen one of these ways to remember your loved ones?  If so, please share in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your experiences.

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