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Pre-Planning Guidance For Families in Philadelphia, PA

Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA and the Entire Delaware Valley

Why it’s Important

Discussing our own mortality is difficult, but lightening some of the future burden of our final affairs from our loved ones makes it well worthwhile. Whenever possible, final disposition and memorialization wishes should be discussed openly and frankly.

A death in a family may create problems for survivors that could be alleviated by discussion and pre-planning. We recommend consulting those who will be most affected by the loss, and allowing them the opportunity to be participants in the decision making process, when appropriate. Pre-arrangement enables you to make all of your decisions pertaining to death now, thus assuring your personal wishes are carried out, while at the same time relieving your family of this responsibility.

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How it Works

Pre-arrangement is very easy. Simply download and complete the following forms and send them to our office as instructed:

Arrangement Registration Form:  This form can be completed on your computer, saved and emailed to Or, you can print the form, fill it out and mail it to our office.

Authorization for Cremation and Disposition Form:  This form must be printed, filled out by hand and mailed to our office.

If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, click here to download it.

When the forms are received and processed, we will mail you your certificate of pre-arrangement and wallet identification card. Your information will then become a matter of record in our perpetual files, remaining strictly confidential. There is no fee for this service and you are welcome to modify or recall your registration at any time.

We also offer the option of service pre-payment. This secures current pricing regardless of future price increases, guarantees your peace of mind that your personal wishes will be followed, and lessens the financial burden from your survivors during an already difficult time. If you’re interested in service pre-payment, please click here to learn about the details of this procedure and its potential benefits to you.

Phone: 215-543-9339