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Links For More Information Regarding Cremation Services in Philadelphia, PA

Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA and the Entire  Delaware Valley

Cremation Association of North America
CANA, with its more than 1200 members, is the authority on cremation practices and procedures in North America.  The association’s official site offers many helpful features for families wanting to learn more about cremation.  Includes statistics, recommended procedures, and advice.

Better Business Bureau
Enables research of local businesses for previous consumer relations complaints.

Social Security Administration
Assists eligible family members in transferring and applying for survivors benefits.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Provides information on veterans insurance, burial, and memorial benefits.

AARP – End of Life Care
Offers practical advice on topics such as designating power of attorney, writing a will, and selecting hospice care.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
For individuals and families facing serious illness, death, and grief to gain information about improved care at the end of life.

Legal Advice
Find the best attorney to prepare a will or any other estate-related documents.

Estate Settlement
Reduce worry and strife in the estate settlement process through proper preparation.

AARP – Grief and Loss
Provides a collection of grief and loss resources for the whole family.  In addition, you’ll find a Grief Support Line and an online support community.

Center for Loss & Life Transition
Publishes books, articles and other resources to help people who are grieving.

Gift of Life Donor Program
Non-profit organ and tissue donor program serving hospitals and patients in the Delaware Valley.

Phone: 215-543-9339