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Delaware Valley Cremation Center has been dedicated since 1991 to the sensible, flexible and meaningful process of caring for a loved one, and appropriately paying tribute to a life well-lived. We enable consumers to focus on the needs of their family while foregoing many of the expenses associated with customary rituals which they may no longer value.

We are the only crematory in Philadelphia with the ability to directly service the public. Our unique facility and operation allow us to provide uncomplicated positive assistance to help relieve the immediate stress of caring for the loss of a loved one. We serve as a relaxed, attentive resource to help you appropriately design cremation service and memorialization options that sensibly complement your individual needs and values. Service arrangements may be kept very basic whereas we simply help take care of the cremation only, or they may involve options such as a gathering in our chapel, our event center The State Room in Philadelphia, PA (, your place of worship, a cemetery, or even a local restaurant.

When selecting a cremation provider in the Philadelphia, PA region, one of the first, most important and irreversible decisions you will be making is where and how the actual cremation will take place. Whether it’s for peace of mind, or in order to help achieve a better sense of closure, many people not only want to see where the cremation will take place, but also take part in a final tribute or ceremony at the crematory. (Most other Philadelphia area “cremation services” are just acting as a middle man who must contract with a third-party crematory to complete the actual cremation, and you won’t be able to inspect or even see that facility.)

Our state-of-the-art cremation facility was designed specifically to meet all your needs. We offer a chapel for families wishing to have some private time prior to cremation, a public viewing, or a memorial/tribute gathering prior to or after the cremation. We have a private attendance room for those who wish to be present when the cremation begins or even during the entire process. We have a selection room where one can see and choose from a wide variety of contemporary memorialization products and services. And we offer the most unique and comfortable event venue in the Philadelphia, PA region for the joyous gathering of fellowship and remembrance in honoring and celebrating a life well lived – The State Room in Philadelphia, PA (

We are especially proud of our open-door policy of transparency regarding the cremation process. You are welcome and encouraged to inspect our facility at any time, and educate yourself as to what we do here, so you can compare us to other funeral service providers and appreciate the differences. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a confident feeling of satisfaction and validation regarding your selection of cremation and the multitude of options that go along with it.

(Please see below to read some of the individual testimonials that we have received.)

At the time of a death, a phone call to our office is all that is necessary. All arrangements, technicalities, and legalities will be handled by our knowledgeable and courteous staff, which is available 24 hours a day. We can assist you in selecting and carrying out a service plan which is in keeping with the wishes of the deceased while also satisfying your family’s need for a healthy and appropriate process of grieving, closure and remembrance.

Remember, final arrangements for yourself or a loved one involve some of the most personal choices you will make in a lifetime. It is an irreplaceable opportunity to appropriately give testament to a unique life lived. Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is that you and your family are comfortable with your decisions. We’re here to explain your options so that you may make well-informed decisions regarding cremation.

Striving for Cremation Excellence in Philadelphia

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Quality Cremation Procedures in the News

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Bill HollyBill Holly
22:23 12 Mar 24
Very professional and caring service in regards to the loss of a loved one.
Lynn “G'mom”Lynn “G'mom”
18:40 31 Jan 24
Del Val cremation is a beautiful place to have services and their prices are reasonable. They not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Nick made a difficult task as easy as it could be. I forgot to ask for the little cards with the name etc on them and was so glad to see them in the packet when I got home with the ashes. They also included strips with hearts of seeds to plant in your loved ones name. It was a very thoughtful and nice touch. Great job! I highly recommend Delaware Valley Cremation Services.
01:51 06 Jan 24
i was SO pleasantly surprised at how fast they came to pick up my loved ones body, how much care and concern , and patience they expressed as they guided me through the process- one i had never delt with before and was totally alone doing everything whlile still in the shock of the 1st few days!prior to using this esablishment i had gone to several funeral homes to get their prices. All 3 i visited were double the $ for picking up the body, freezer storage , and then charges for things i didnt even need because i was going to have a very non tradtional celebration of life memorial.It wasnt about the $ BUT why pay for a whole load of other stuff i didnt need or want!( such as flowers, limo, setting up the event, and each had basically all these fees that would bring the total to atleast 6k! of course when i mentioned i just wanted a creamation that i think i may better off going to a place that just specializes in that- 2 of them had to tell me they have heard horrible stories about those places! thats when i felt like i was dealing with high pressure salesman.i inderstand there ate probly some of any kind of business that can have a bad reputation, yet if i didnt need all these extras why pay SO much more! I had heard really good things about DVC and sure i saw others advertising at lower proces but i didnt even call figuring if ivre heatd good thongs and then saw their reviews were so high- i rather go with the place with both a good reputation and very good google reviews!Then when i went to DVC i was so impressed with how beautiful and clean it was immediatly! They seem to put care into everything they do- i felt zSO happy knowing i made the best choice for my loved one,!Its was less than a week when i got a call i could pick up the remains and death certificates! they even had that wrapped so beautifully, again they put true care into every thing they did for me!That is why i immediatly decided to write my google review while its still fresh on my mind because. i thought if anyone was unsure as i was (esp. hearing those funeral home men) I can honestly say I feel so happy to know my loved one was well trated (as myself)with the utmost dignity, care, and kindness! i VERY highly reccomend DVC!
Michelle MylerMichelle Myler
23:42 30 Dec 23
This group of folks made that day so much easierSo professional and empatheticThey make you feel like you are part of their family and you are not aloneAmong the tears there was also joy thanks to this wonderful group of people from Delaware Valley Cremation CenterThank you to all of you!❤️
Michael BeshelMichael Beshel
15:35 08 Sep 23
DVCC have wonderful humans working for them. Jessica and Dan, thank you so much for helping me help a family who needed to have there prayer cards replaced. I will be recommending your services to anyone in need of them for your kindness, compassion, and professionalism.
Zaneta LiuZaneta Liu
17:57 20 Aug 23
I had called other places just to be sure but always knew Delaware Valley was who I would trust after just the initial call. Sean came to my mom's house when she passed and displayed the utmost understanding and respect. He was so accommodating of our special requests and really went above and beyond. Jess was so helpful and knowledgeable. I will be forever grateful for them both as well as this place for being so supportive during a person's difficult time.
Jez RedeisJez Redeis
18:22 04 May 23
I am extremely thankful for having Delaware Valley Cremation Center to rely on after the loss of my mom. They, most specifically Jessica, were super helpful, kind, timely and understanding. Their website was very clear and easy to choose the services, along with my multiple calls with clearly answered questions, which made setting up the arrangements from DE really stress-free. There was zero "up-selling" from the center, zero push or pressure to add more than what fit our current needs. I was seriously blown away by their thoughtful professionalism and conspicuous, clear-cut costs. The center is truly lovely, and although we didn't book their State Room, it is a beautiful space! I would absolutely recommend the center ten-fold!


dauters-momOnce again, we are indebted to you for the professional and kind manner in which you have treated us. In a string of sad and unfortunate circumstances, you have always been thoughtful, efficient and made a difficult task bearable. We so appreciate that a service like yours exists, and that we have options to the more traditional choices which we find do not suit us. Thank you.


Richard Scott

To the Delaware Valley Cremation Center Staff,

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank you and your staff for such excellence in service. You guys made us all feel welcome and at peace through all the sensitive attention you provided. (We will share how positive our experience was with everyone we know.) My father looked natural and at peace….and for us, the whole process was as your brochure states, “sensible…natural…meaningful”. Thank you guys again, and may God bless you and your staff.

Janet Cubilete Fabian

Dear Bill,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the kindness, consideration and professional way everything was handled for us. From the very beginning when we pre-arranged everything back in April of 2007, until the end, I was quite impressed and pleased with every aspect of the experience.

It is comforting to know that her final wishes were met in such a positive manner.

Linda C. Grafius

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your professional handling of the affairs related to my mother’s cremation.

In the midst of dealing with her death, Linda and I really appreciate the uncomplicated quality of our experience with your service.

We appreciate all your support.


Dan Mullen

Dear Bill and Staff at Delaware Valley Cremation Center:

Thank you for helping us coordinate and complete the funeral arrangements for our mother. Every time I called your organization, from the first time several months ago to find out information (I believe I spoke to Rich), later to Joe, and at the time of mom’s death, all my questions were answered in a respectful manner. One time, it was after the end of your regular business hours, and Joe took almost a half hour to help answer my questions!

Your website is FANTASTIC!! While trying to find out info during my investigations, not one funeral home was up front with estimated costs – they wouldn’t discuss anything over the phone, and there was no cost info on their websites. Your website spelled out everything, and the question and answer part was really informative – I had my sisters review it and it really helped to sell us on your services.

Jay, you were very calm and very helpful walking my sister June through the process, and I couldn’t believe how nice you made my mother look when she was presented for me to ID her. Your staff did such a beautiful presentation of her that I took June in to see her – she absolutely did not want to view mom in her deceased condition, fearing the worst, but I took her into your chapel and she thanks me every day for doing it.

The urn, memorial cards, death certificates, etc. all turned out perfect and you made the process stress free! Even Keith, who delivered mom’s ashes and paperwork went over everything and didn’t rush us! I will recommend your organization to everyone, even the rest of our family, to use your services instead of the “traditional” funeral home services, whose main objective at the time of grief is to generate as much $ as possible. You made our family feel more comfortable than any funeral home that I’ve been involved with in my life so far! The funeral mass today at St. Cecilia’s went smoothly and gracefully. I will call you sometime early next week to return mom’s ashes for transmittal to the veteran’s cemetery in Salisbury, NC. Our family cannot thank you and your people enough for everything! God bless you all!


Fred Gloeckler and family

Dear Jay and Bill,

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to both of you for the kindness and compassionate treatment we received both before and after the death of my husband from pancreatic cancer. While I expected his death for more than a year, I was still stunned by how little I was actually prepared, both physically and emotionally. My stunned lack of knowledge and expertise was quickly and professionally taken over by you both, gently informing and guiding me on what to do next. Your suggestions were sensitive and yet realistic and gave me the confidence to lead others mourning Dennis’ passing.

Every thing you did was filled with gentleness, respect, ritual, and most importantly a kind sense of humor which I so appreciated. You guided me through the closure I so needed with my husband’s death, and you did so with the utmost kindness and compassion. For that I will be forever grateful.

With sincere thanks,

Rebecca Michaels

” Words cannot express our gratitude to Bill Sucharski and his organization for the compassion and kindness extended to our family when we lost our Mom. We had never considered cremation until we visited the facility and met with Bill and his staff of caring and sensitive people.

We held a private viewing in the chapel where we were able to truly celebrate the life of a wonderful woman with dignity and respect. I don’t know how we would have been able to get through those very difficult days following our loss if we did not have the support and consolation that Bill gave to our family. We will never forget him. ”

Thank you,

Luann Dunkerley

Dear Bill,

I just wanted to thank you for the special care that was provided to my family by your self and your staff. The sudden loss of our father left us with the unexpected need to find out about cremation quickly. He always told us it was his wish to be cremated when he died. My family had many reservations with this unfamiliar practice. We needed to know where our father was being taken, and how the cremation would be conducted.

When we came into your facility and were allowed to see how the procedure would be handled, it was immaculate. You and your staff patiently allowed us to plan out our last goodbyes. It was how we wanted it. When we came to see our dad for one last time in your chapel before the cremation, we were not rushed and your staff could not have been more accommodating. My family was allowed to stay in the attendance room when Dad’s body was cremated and we took him home the same day. It was very important to my brother and sister to be allowed to see where my dad was. You and your company met all of our needs in a setting that was modern, clean and comforting. I’m so glad we found out about your place.

Thank you so much,

Valerie Januszewski

Dear Jay,

I wanted to take this time to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for us and our Mom. Each call I made was answered pleasantly and all my questions and concerns were responded to satisfactorily. All details concerning my mother’s cremation were explained and there were no hidden costs. I realize that in times of death some situations can be difficult.
You and Chuck, who came to my Mom’s house, were very kind and professional, and even allowed us to find some humor in all of this too. You handled my mother so gently and compassionately, which means a lot.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You made a difficult time much easier.


Diane Fruehauf

Mr. Sucharski,

I would like to thank you for your compassion and professionalism during the saddest week of my life. It was my mother’s wish to be cremated. A friend told me about your new facility and a service he recently had there. My first visit with you was helpful and I came away with a much better understanding of the cremation process.
When my family had questions about proper closure, you explained the options and what some families had done. We will always cherish the memory of saying goodbye to Mom in your chapel. Everything was tastefully done and perfect.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Bill Eastburn

Dear DVCC staff,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the care and support you gave to me and my family during a very difficult time. You went over and beyond to assist in matters that I felt at the time seemed out of my control in placing my father in his final resting place. My father’s main wish was where his remains would be placed, and you assisted me in accomplishing this – even with some interference.
I will be forever grateful to you. You made sure that things were taken care of as needed to be in many ways. I also wanted to mention that your kindness and the extra steps you took (a phone call, or just listening) helped make this transition in my life easier. To ease my stress, you even allowed time for some laughter throughout the process.

In addition, the atmosphere at the cremation center was professional and less somber than the traditional setting. You and the other staff members treated us as if you were caring for a friend. As previously discussed, I have been through this process several times before and I have never been made to feel as comfortable as all of you have made me. I cannot thank you enough.


Debbie Gatti

This is Ron Pelosi and we met just about a week and a half ago when my wife Lisa’s Dad had passed on and we scheduled to have him cremated.

I am writing to Thank You and your staff for doing an excellent job for us as far as the preparation of her Father, the handling of his remains and just the professionalism you exuded during a very trying time for her. You definitely made his passing much easier and were actually very calming in your approach. Thank you for also taking the time to show me your operation there as I am more than impressed with your company, and I am hoping that all is always going forward for you and that this finds you smiling there for sure…

If there is ever anything that Lisa and I can do for you….we will be more than happy to accommodate you as you did for us!!

God Bless and Thank You again….keep in touch with us anytime.


Ron and Lisa Pelosi

Phone: 215-543-9339