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  • Cremation Provider in Philadelphia, PA

    When considering cremation, it’s important to be able to get all the answers you need regarding the process, as well as what to look for when selecting a provider. We’re here to explain your options so that you may make well-informed decisions regarding cremation.

  • We Provide Quality Cremation Services to Philadelphia, PA

    Delaware Valley Cremation Center has been dedicated since 1991 to the sensible, flexible and meaningful process of caring for a loved one, and appropriately paying tribute to a life well-lived. We are the only crematory in Philadelphia with the ability to directly service the public.

  • Our Quality Cremation Service Pricing For Philadelphia, PA

    Service arrangements may be kept very basic whereas we simply help take care of the cremation only, or they may involve options such as a gathering in our chapel or event center, your place of worship, a cemetery, or even a local restaurant or public space. All prices for the goods and services shown on this website are updated annually.

  • Memorialization Merchandise Options in Philadelphia, PA

    Delaware Valley Cremation Center offers a wide variety of contemporary memorialization products and services. The ability to meaningfully and appropriately memorialize with cremated remains is limited only by the imagination.

  • Pre-Planning Guidance For Families in Philadelphia, PA

    Pre-arrangement enables you to make all of your decisions now, thus assuring your personal wishes are carried out, while at the same time relieving your family of this responsibility. Discussing our own mortality is difficult, but lightening some of the future burden of our final affairs from our loved ones makes it well worthwhile.

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