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Cremation is About to Become the Predominant Choice in the US.

Cremation is on the Rise

According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), cremation is still on the rise. In fact, people choosing cremation over traditional burial is expected to rise to 60% by 2025.

CANA attributes this rise in popularity to 5 factors:

1-A mobile population—For climate, for jobs, for family or any number of reasons, American move more than ever.  It’s hard to take care of a family plot in a local burial ground if you live several hours away.

2–Cost—With funeral and cemetery costs rising to $12,000 or more, it’s now one of the most expensive consumer purchases available.  Cremation, complete with service, can cost less than $3000.

3-Options for Memorializing– The options are vast.  You can choose to remember your loved ones through jewelry, a painting, a paperweight or any number of beautiful ways.

4–It’s “Greener”—Traditional burial involves a legion of chemicals and heavy caskets, not to mention the burial plot and concrete vaults.  Cremation allows you the option of forgoing embalming entirely and choosing from a range of simple cremation containers/caskets that will break down quicker.  It’s far more in keeping with the “ashes to ashes” tradition.

5–Increasing acceptance among religious faiths – Once frowned upon by a variety of Western religious traditions, cremation is the growing preference.

If you have questions about arranging a cremation, please download our pre-planning guide. It covers everything you need to know.


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