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William R. Panzera

William R. Panzera, Architect, passed away December 22, 2018 at the age of 72.
Beloved husband of Teresa ‘Terri” (nee Marshall) Kay-Panzera.
Father of Tiffany and Jarrett Panzera.
William is also survived by his four grandchildren,
brother Charles Panzera and his sisters
Florence Koch, Patricia Suchodolski and Ida Panzera.
He was predeceased by his sister Dolores Bell and brother
Nicholas Panzera.
Services for William are being held privately by his family.

Dear William,
The day I lost you, my world, as I knew it, ended. For 30 years, we engaged in life’s special moments, like dancing until dawn, though we also faced our challenges. But despite those challenges, not once did I forget the tender qualities you possessed, like your generosity at Christmas. Since you and I wanted for nothing at Christmas, you suggested we give money to some families, with young children, who needed a helping hand. So, we did, and I loved you for that.
I admired how, on several occasions, you befriended men looking for work, paying them to do small jobs around our home. When they needed money and nobody else noticed them, your compassionate heart did, and I loved you for that.
As an architect, you were one of the most talented people I’ve ever known, and I’m sure your friends and business associates would agree. I was constantly awed by your artistic and creative mind. Though I’ll never possess those qualities, I’m fortunate to have witnessed them so often, and I loved you for that.

Among the things we shared, the most enjoyable were our thrift store excursions, trash hunts, and dumpster diving escapades. We found many treasures, that only you and I could appreciate, and I loved you for that.
I cherished moments that made you laugh, like watching a comical television show. I relished silly times, like when you put the food colander on your head, imitating the spoof on B rated horror movies! Yes, William, only you and I would relate to those priceless moments, and I loved you for that.
Thank you, William, for all the gifts you gave me, both big and small. I’m sorry if I didn’t express my gratitude enough, but I pray you knew. I also hope you realized how much I loved you and wanted even the smallest of joys to grace your heart.
When you left this world, I asked myself: Why didn’t I hear your subtle cries for help? Why didn’t we talk more openly? Why didn’t I always understand how you were feeling? And most importantly, why didn’t I say” I love you” more often? These are questions that I hope God will help me understand, but in His care, William, you have eternal peace.
You will be forever in my heart, Honey Bunny, and I’ll love you always.

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