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Ruth V. Haney

Ruth Virginia Haney (nee McCash) died at her Northeast Philadelphia home on October 11, 2017 following a long fight with cancer. She was 67.

Ruth was born on July 7, 1950 and grew up in Frankford with her 2 brothers and 3 sisters. She loved dancing, in particular with her father Ed. Ruth sang with her high school choir and on a singing tour of South America she had her first taste of travel which would become a lifelong passion. She was set-up  with Larry Haney for her prom. They were married at the First Presbyterian Church of Frankford on October 10, 1970.

Ruth had 4 children: Brian, Sean, Erin and Kate. She was a fiercely devoted mother and wife and spent summers navigating the family across the country on camping trips. Sometimes it didn’t rain. They would visit most of the lower 48 and her travel logs would serve as a historical record of the infamous Haney adventures. Ruth’s intelligence, creativity, strength, generosity, empathy, courage and love of a good bargain would be qualities to which all of her children would aspire. She taught her family to sing and dance.

Ruth’s maternal spirit extended far beyond her immediate family. A lifelong advocate for families, she volunteered for Nursing Mothers, where she advised new mothers on infants and motherhood.

In 1986 Ruth was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Never one to easily accept setbacks, she fought through treatment and supported fellow cancer survivors through the Living Beyond Breast Cancer helpline. Ruth’s love and compassion comforted the many people she helped through their lowest moments.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s travels took her beyond the United States. Over 20 years, she and her trusty companion Larry visited nearly 50 countries and set foot on 6 continents. She rode the Champs Elysees by bicycle, bounced along the savanna by jeep, snorkeled with sharks, ate mezes in Damascus, hiked the Himalayan highlands and ziplined through the Costa Rican jungle. She made many friends throughout the world, but was especially fond of the children she visited. She believed passionately that everyone should be allowed a childhood and she supported education, orphanages and medical programs for impoverished children.

When Ruth’s cancer returned in 2003 she once again fought it to a standstill, rejecting fear and instead living from hope. She lived to see her children grow up, get married. She saw their children be born. Ruth believed firmly that what life she was given was a miracle. Returning to her roots, Ruth reconnected with high school choir friends who had begun singing together for veterans as the Sometimers. As mom-mom to her grandchildren she helped with homework, made Halloween costumes and passed on her love of nature and the arts.

When she decided to stop treatment, Ruth faced the end of her life with a poise and dignity which continues to humble those who loved her. She was at home with Larry when she passed on to another, greater adventure. Ruth will be dearly, dearly missed.

Please join the Haney family after 6:00 pm Tuesday, October 17th at Delaware Valley Cremation Center 7350 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19136 for a gathering of remembrance in honoring and celebrating Ruth’s life. The memorial tribute service will begin between 7 and 7:15 pm with time for refreshments and fellowship immediately afterwards until 9:30 pm, where Ruth’s husband and family will be accessible to receive the loving comfort of your condolences, remembrances and support.

In lieu of flowers, the Haney family encourages your donations in Ruth’s memory to Operation Smile.

Phone: 215-543-9339