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Robert J. Keefe

Age: 69 Formerly of Pittsburgh PA

Two Cities , Two Families

Robert J. Keefe was born on Sept. 2, 1948 to John & Ursula (nee Angle) Keefe. One of 7 children, Robert was the adoring brother of Sammy, Sissy, Cookie, Judy, Johnny & Tommy.

Robert graduated from South Hills High School in 1966 and served in the Army for two years. He trained as a surveyor and was a Greyhound driver from the mid 70’s until 1987.

Robert was first married to Karen Gallagher. He and Karen had 2 children, Lori and Robert. He is the cherished grandfather to Kaylee, Kristen & Robert. Robert lived in Pittsburgh for the first 38 years of his life. He loved country music and the Pittsburgh Steelers; he often wore his favorite shirt which read “We have 6”.

Then, fate had a part of his next chapter in life…

On June 25, 1982 Bob drove a Greyhound bus to Philadelphia. When he arrived he saw Janice walk into the dispatch area and his comment to her was “Don’t you ever smile”? Janice responded, “I usually do, but this is my first day of work and I’m nervous waiting to find out where they are sending me.”

Fate Continued..

Just a few days later, Janice reported to work. Her assignment was to get on the bus going to Harrisburg, ride it and bring back the 4:30pm scheduled route. As she boarded the bus, looking for a seat, she saw Robert and sat next to him. They talked all the way to Harrisburg. Janice later found out he was hoping she would stop talking so he could sleep. A few months later she ran into him again and he remembered their conversation because he asked her about things they talked about.

Fate again:

In January, Janice had a dream she would see him again but in Pittsburgh! In February, Janice, her mom and two sons Jim & Cory boarded a Greyhound bus late Friday evening to go to Uniontown, Pa. (Via Pittsburgh) Jim was scheduled to bowl in a Pepsi Tournament on Saturday & Sunday. When they arrived Saturday morning in Pittsburgh they had an hour to kill. They decided to go inside the Burger King where she ran into Robert. He was surprised to see her and asked where she was going. Lo and behold he was their driver to Uniontown. When they arrived at their destination, he asked her if he could come back later on that night and have dinner with her. Of course, Janice said yes!

Sunday he was their driver again and before they boarded the Philadelphia bus they exchanged phone numbers. He asked her to call him anytime she needed to talk or if she ever came to Pittsburgh again.

In June she called him and they talked and over the next 3 years they took turns visiting each other or meeting on the road while working. Fate helped out a few times when they each caught runs to Washington D.C.

Bob moved to Philadelphia in the Fall of 1987 where he would reside for the next 31 years. Janice and Bob married on July 1, 1989. He took on a ready-made family and became a father figure to Jim, Tracy, Dayna & Cory; a grandfather to Jimmy, Matthew, Hannah, Kayla, Molly, Evan, Cole & Ashley and just became the great-grandfather to Adalynne. Forever changing all of their lives for the better.

He was a great father figure to his new Philadelphia family. Although he was a Steelers fan, the last few years of his life the family convinced him to wear an Eagles T-shirt, especially this past Superbowl (since the Steelers were out).

While in Philadelphia, Bob became a driver for Domenico Tours. Later he worked at Probuilt Installations where he and 2 of his coworkers John Clark & Joseph Gerstle started their own company called Penn Industrial where he worked until he retired on July 31, 2015.

Bob loved retirement; he said it was the best thing ever.

Two Families, Two Cities.

He made it work; he truly was a family man. Bob was loved and will be missed forever in our hearts. Grief is just love with no place to go!

Please join the Keefe family after 12:00 pm Sunday, September 9th at Delaware Valley Cremation Center 7350 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19136 for a gathering of remembrance in honoring and celebrating Bob’s life. The memorial tribute service will begin promptly at 1:00 with time for refreshments and fellowship immediately afterwards, from around 1:15 until 4:00 pm, where Bob’s wife and family will be accessible to receive the loving comfort of your condolences, remembrances and support.

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