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Lucy T. Pawluk

Lucy Pawluk, 92, of Glenside PA, on 7/15. wife of the late Stanley Pawluk. Devoted mother of Janice and Michele Daughter of Giuseppe and Angela Traversa; sister of the late Louis Traversa; Visitation Friday 7/21 at 9:30am followed by 10:30 mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 825 North Hills Ave, Glenside

Lucy Pawluk and her husband, Stanley, raised 2 lovely daughters. They both enjoyed dancing the polka at the Ukee Club, playing cards and drinking slow gin fizzes with the neighbors in their kitchen, and their annual trip to the Jersey shore or the Poconos for summer vacation. After Mr. Pawluk passed in 1975, Mrs. Pawluk went to work at Wanamaker’s (and eventually Strawbridges.) Janice and Michele were in high school.
As the girls got older, Lucy, as everyone called her,and her close friend Antoinette, started to go on cruises. They went to Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, the Panama Canal. They were quite a team and Lucy loved Antoinette dearly. Once, Lucy came home early from a cruise to find that Janice was having a small party at the house. Lucy walked up the driveway with a big smile on her face, happy to see everyone having a good time.
Lucy enjoyed the Queen of Peace and St John’s seniors’ meetings and trips; taking the bus to the Poconos, theaters, and the casinos. The casinos were Lucy’s favorite. She considered it ‘free’ because she got chips for going, with which she played the slots. She loved the slots! She never took more than $50, and the buffet was free too!
Lucy loved her Philadelphia sports teams, especially her Phillies, and the Philly Phanatic!!! Janice and Michele took her to many Phillies games, a few Eagles games, and her cousins Gary and Bill took her to some Flyers games without the girls. When it came to sports, Lucy was ‘one of the guys!’
Like her mother before her, Lucy liked to watch WWE. Janice and Michele to this day, still do not understand this. On one occasion, Lucy and Janice visited friends to watch a pay per view wrestling match. Janice and the ladies went to another room. Lucy and the older men fell asleep before the match was over!!
In her later years, Lucy enjoyed volunteering at the Abington Library and playing cards at the local seniors meetings. She watched her daytime soap operas, game shows, and a variety of dog and puppy shows. Lucy loved the puppies. She anxiously awaited the arrival of her newspapers and the Metro that Janice brought home every day, especially so she could do the crossword puzzles.
Mrs. Pawluk was a good mother, and her daughters upheld their promise to keep her safe and comfortable in her home until she went to heaven. Janice and Michele take great comfort in that, and are thankful to God that their mother’s anxiety and suffering are over. Thank you for coming to honor and celebrate Lucy. Rest in peace Mrs. Pawluk.

Phone: 215-543-9339