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Lorraine M. Eynon

Age: 57 of Southampton


Where do I begin? In the moments of listening to your strong heart beating with my head on your chest, or the sound of you singing along to your favorite songs. The life we shared together, is nothing short of priceless, and everlasting. Though we had our hardships, we always stuck together as a family and always shared our endless love. I will miss the weekends when we shopped for hours on end, and I’d play little tricks on you to get you flustered. The dreaded Sunday night food shopping that now, I would give anything to go back to. Meticulously picking out foods that you could have, trying to remember what dad needed for the week, and figuring out our dinners for when you were at work. There is not one person in this world that I admire and look up to more than you, mom. Your work ethic, attention to design and detail, your impeccable fashion sense, your standards, and your love for all the dogs in the world. I aspire to have the amazing qualities in which you had, especially your beauty and work ethic. I will miss being able to call you on the phone, whenever. It could be the middle of the night on a Thursday, and you would pick up. You were always there for me, mom, and I feel that I took that for granted because now I can’t call you anymore, I’ve lost my best friend, my #1 critic, and my partner in crime. I will forever miss the crazy antics we would get up to to annoy anyone and everyone. Cause some chaos up there in heaven for me, mama. The world has grown dull, and it will never be the same without you in it. I love you mommy.

A loving wife and mother taken too soon from this world. Lorraine Eynon led a fulfilling life in which she touched the hearts and souls of many. Lorraine left this world on December 14th, 2018 in Holy Redeemer Hospice Care, with her loving husband and daughter in the room. She left them behind, lost but not forgotten. She has already visited them several times since her passing, comforting the two.

Lorraine had a lifelong career working for the United States Government in the Internal Revenue Service. She worked there for 26 years, still working even when receiving daily dialysis treatments. Her work ethic was impeccable and admirable. She treasured her two dogs, Bessie the golden retriever, and Sophie the yellow lab. Bessie was even there the day that she died, comforting her mom. Lorraine had a passion for decorating and the arts, always cheering on her artistic daughter in the process. Even in the end, she redid rooms and did many crafts like mounting her daughter’s artwork, and decorating old lamps.

She had a love of the shore and the ocean, Ocean City and especially Virginia Beach. The family visited Virginia Beach in the end, and even though she could not walk far, she loved every minute of it. A strong passion for the fall weather and atmosphere, and rides on the Delaware river in her boat. These are the things that she cherished and that her family will continue to as well.

Lorraine was a fighter, a very stubborn, small Italian lady. This kept her going until the end, even fighting the hospice nurses to get her vital signs. If not for this quality in her, she wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did, and the family is so grateful for this. Though she was sometimes hard to get along with, the family always loved her and continue to as well.

Left behind is her benevolent 20 year old daughter Samantha Lock, and her adoring and loving husband Bruce Lock. Also, both of her dogs and a lot of friends whom she was with throughout the years.

Please join us in fulfilling her wishes to donate to St. Jude in her name, Lorraine Eynon.
Thank you, God bless.

Phone: 215-543-9339