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Leesha Stacy

Leesha Stacy, 41 years old, of Philadelphia, passed away on Saturday November 21st, 2020. Leesha is survived by her beloved parents, Sharon Andrews and Leon Stacy, as well as her cherished children Ciara Pretcher and Connor Liebig. Leesha is also survived by her loving brothers Edward Andrews (Barbara) and Christopher Stacy (Kate), along with many nieces, nephews, and cousins, as well as her companion John Liebig.

Leesha was a kind and loving person. She was always the first one to offer to help friends and family with projects; like moving, remodeling, or simply offering another set of hands to help. But she was really happy in her kitchen, like her grandmother, Stacy. Leesha was a wonderful cook. She always made great meals for the family. But after she went to culinary school, she really showed off some amazing dishes. However, baking was always her favorite. Almost daily, she made cakes, pies, and cookies to share with family and friends. Leesha loved having her epic barbecues. She hosted many throughout the summer months. Her family will forever miss these wonderful gatherings. Besides her love and devotion to her children, her other passion was fishing. She spent many hours sitting on Reeds Beach where her mother lives with her fishing pole in the water, while her son Connor collected sea shells. Reeds Beach was her happy place, despite the fact that after years of trying she never caught a damn fish. However, she always had a beautiful tan. Despite Leesha’s short life, she left an impact on every person who had met her. She will be sorely missed by neighbors, friends, and family who all loved her dearly.

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