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John Michael Damico, Sr.

John Michael Damico, Sr. passed away on July 18, 2020. He was the beloved husband of Kathleen Damico (Welch) and the loving father of Sean, Selina, Toni, the late Tina, and John Jr. (Julie). He was the grandfather of fourteen and great-grandfather of six. Son of the late Anthony and Lillian Damico. Brother of Joanne (Jerry) and Phillip (Emma).

John worked for over 40 years and still ran like a well dialed-in panhead. When at top speed he threw in all the gas, no holds barred. He played with the kids and threw open new gadgets. He spoke historical facts of the coolest wheels and roadways, and about the way things used to be. He gave them the coolest gun sounds to take down the enemy. But when idle, and watching the world and all its craziness, he shut down and did just that. He would sit and talk with so much enthusiasm about his knives and the trains that he had been collecting for years. John was mighty proud he beat smoking which he started doing as a child. He worked for years as a diesel mechanic and when he wasn’t working you could find him tinkering in his garage. Motorcycles were his second love. If you ask some, maybe even his first! All the intricate parts working so well together to the aesthetic eye that once on his bike, he could ride for miles and feel like part of the world! He loved the feeling of the wind through his ponytail. That ponytail was a staple of his history and he wore it well on so many rides in this world. His laugh, fun stories, and memory will forever be remembered.

We know he left us in the physical sense to ride his panhead on that I-95 in the sky and we (and he) definitely wouldn’t want it any other way. We love you and will miss you always…until we meet again, Dad.

Phone: 215-543-9339