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John G. Whitlock

John Whitlock was born on August 22nd, 1941 in Philadelphia. He was raised as a Presbyterian.
When in high school he crafted/built furniture.
He served his country in time of national crisis in the far east. During his military service he served in the Army Security Agency and the National Security Agency.
Before his retirement, he was the Senior Computer Operator at Johanna Dairies.
Jack, as he was sometimes known to others, loved animals, especially his cat Midnight. He thought cats were smarter than dogs. He was also a tropical fish enthusiast. He especially liked to watch the male Betta Splenden (aka as the Siamese fighting fish) reaction when he held a mirror next to the aquarium.
He liked action movies, Tom Clancy novels and Clive Cussler novels as well.
John volunteered at Nazareth Hospital. He enjoyed helping others in wheelchairs. He joked with his wheel bound charges attempting to put them at ease when they were in discomfort.
He had a good sense of humor. He enjoyed going to Phillies’ games with family members. He is survived by two brothers, Kenneth (Margaret) and Mark (Eileen). He also had two half-sisters, Jennifer (Leo) and Barbara (Paul).
His wife Hiroko, a Japanese national, preceded him in death. John died on September 13th, year 2019.

Phone: 215-543-9339